Paul D. Feldman, M.D.

F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S.

Paul D. Feldman is the founder of Truffles Medispa as well as Advanced Aesthetics, the largest Plastic Surgery Practice on Atlanta’s Southside. He has 28 years of experience and is Board Certified in Plastic Surgery.

His unique approach to facial rejuvenation includes both surgical and non-surgical approaches. He introduced the “Short Scar Face Lift”, a technique that avoids scars behind the ear and combines a midface lift to give a very natural un-operated look that may be performed under local anesthesia. His experience with laser resurfacing for the etched lines of the face, botox, and use of fillers such as Sculptra for the facial atrophy of aging completes the “trim work” of facial rejuvenation.

Dr. Feldman’s unique style is that he truly enjoys his patients. He tries to find an interesting connection with each patient and will commonly remember them for years to come. His consultations are conversational in style and he often uses hand drawn diagrams to illustrate and explain to the patient the suggested procedure. He is generous with his time, almost to a fault, and will give each patient all the time he or she needs to make an informed decision. He tries to avoid cookie cutter answers and will customize a unique plan for each patient to achieve their desired outcome. His expertise in surgical and non-surgical cosmetic approach makes him an excellent resource for patients who are unsure of what he/she wants or needs.

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