Michelle Ferrell, R.N.

Master Injector and Trainer

Michelle Ferrell, R.N., The Injectress™ and our Master Injector, is an Allergan Consultant and ACE National Allergan Trainer. She works with Dr. Feldman in his Medical Spa and has an appreciation for how injectables and fillers integrate into the total aesthetic experience. She is highly trained in Botox, Juvéderm and Voluma as well as Restylane products. Her knowledge of surgical procedures along with her training and experience in injectable treatments provide her with a well-rounded base of knowledge as an Aesthetic Nurse Specialist.

Michelle is a patient advocate, always willing to take the required time to find the best possible solution for each of her patients. At Truffles Medispa, Michelle is known for her warm, welcoming personality and her natural ability to listen to each patient’s concerns. Michelle’s strength is in her ability to suggest a customized treatment plan for each unique patient to achieve their maximum aesthetic results.

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